Here is the issue I am having. There was an account that had been disabled. Today I went and enabled the account and tested it on one of my Windows XP sp3 PC's that has the 4.91sp5 client on it, was able to log in just fine. Just got a report that on a Windows 7 sp1 x64 PC using the Novell Clien 2 sp3 for Windows 7 (IR3) that the account is not being able to be logged in on using the account. The error that is given is a pop up Novell Security Message saying "Your account is disabled or expired! Contact your System Administrator." Behind the pop up is a error "Login failed Error code: 0x800789DC". I have tried this on other win7 PC x64 PC's and they all give the same error.

Background on our network we are obviously Novell shop running ZCM 11.1 and our servers are OES2.

thanks for your help.