My current GroupWise 2012 SP2 server is a SuSE 10 SP4 and I need to migrate to a new server!
I currently have 5% disk space left and have ordered additional drives, but while I'm going through the hassle and word is Windemere is not going to be supported on SuSE 10, I've decided to set-up and configure a new server.

This is my plan (this is my first migration) so any suggestions, advice, LOOKOUT FORs, would be welcome with open arms!
The current GroupWise server is a virtual machine on XenServer 6.1 with a NAS attached.
After I install the addition drives, here is my plan of attack:

1. Start up a new SuSE 11 SP2 server.
Notes: The old GroupWise server had a 20 GB disk allocated: 502 MB for /boot and 17.4 GB for / and 2.0 swap
GroupWise files are mounted at /var/opt/novell/groupwise with a 750 GB allocation (it's 83 Linux native).
I think I will double that (40 GB allocation) for room to grow.
Question: What would you recommend LVM or NSS for the partition that will hold GroupWise?
(I will have about 2 TB to work with).
2. Install GroupWise on the new server with the same po/domain name as 'old' server?
3. Install eDirectory on the new server and bring it into a new tree.
4. Perform a Gwava Reload migration.
5. Shutdown eDirectory on 'old' server, backup and restore on new server, then shutdown old server, reboot new server after modifying server name & IP to match old server.
6. Run DSRepair to insure new server is in sync.?

Comments welcome! Stan