Hi all,
What's the best way of setting up so that many people (say 10-20) can respond to mails coming into a communal mailbox? We need everyone in the department to be able to view incoming mails, browse/search old incoming and outgoing mail, and when they send mail it must have the common reply-to address so that replies come back to the communal mailbox.

We've tried sending from individual mailboxes and changing the From field (using the "From" button). this works for New mail but doesn't work when replying to incoming mail - mail arrives in the communal box, forward as attachment to an individual mailbox for their attention, they hit reply but at this point you cannot change the From field so it goes out with the individual's reply-to address and not with the communal reply-to address. Also with this model the individual user still needs to proxy to the main mailbox to see traffic to/from other co-workers.

We've tried a system where everybody proxies into the communal mailbox all the time to send/receive/browse but there are a number of problems with this. We see BIG performance issues as the number of simultaneous proxies and the number of mail folders increase dramatically (huge lags whenever anything changes as multiple client notification UDPs go out and every client refreshes).

How do other people solve this problem?