ZCM 11.2.3a

Created two deployments using Adobe Application Manager Enterprise
Edition - Design Standard CS6 and Photoshop CS6. This creates some
MSI and msiexec command lines that are used to install.

I can deploy the Photoshop without any problem. But I am getting an
error on the Design Standard installation: "Failed to launch
msiexec.exe Exit Code: 1619"

The first step is to install Acrobat X - it fails on this one.

command: msiexec.exe

command line parameters: /i AcroPro.msi EULA_ACCEPT=NO

working directory:
\\%APPSRVR%\%APPSRVRVOL%\ZCM\DesignStandardCS6\Exc eptions\AcrobatProfessional10.0-EFG

The APPSRVR AND APPSRVRVOL variables are assigned during the login
script based upon IP addresses. I tell it not to proceed to next
action until this action is complete. I am running it as dynamic
administrator with credentials for network access. I know this works
because the PhotoShop bundle uses the same credentials.

Any suggestions?