I just updated from GW 2012 Sp1 to Sp2.
All went OK, but I was thrown off by the version of the C1 snapins.
After installing Sp2, I launched C1 and found that the snapins displayed "2012 SP1"

I thought that something must have gone wrong with the admin install, so I installed that component again from GW's ./install but it still didn't help..
I eventually broke C1, and every time I tried to run it with the GW snapins I received the dreaded java errors during snapin initialisation. The only way I could get C1 working again with GW snapins was to remove NOVLc1Linuxjre (rpm -e), NOVLc1 (c1-uninstall.sh), and novell-groupwise-admin-12.0.2-108211 (rpm -e), then reinstall them in this order:
1. NOVLc1Linuxjre-1.5.0-11
2. NOVLc1-1.3.6-1
3. GW2012-ISO/admin/novell-groupwise-admin-12.0.2-108211.i586.rpm
My issue most certainly was related to the jre version, which needs to the correct one before installing C1.

But still C1 displays the GW 2012 snapins as "2012 SP1", and another 12.0.2 server shows the same; so is there no update to the snapins for version 12.0.2?

- Gordon