I have been setting up policies for iPrint printers for Groups of devices. I work in a school system, which we re-image each laptop every year. I am hoping to push out the set of printers for the students. Saving time for the teachers.

I setup my printer policy in Groups with several printers in each policy.

Example: CES-SMELAB - CES-RM006(iPrint), CES-1STFLOOR(iPrint), and CES-2NDFLOOR(iPrint) I have a default checkbox next to CES-RM006 with none of the printers using the Update Print Driver.

On my test machine the printers deploy and show up in Devices and Printers and I can print to the printer successfully.

When I go into the policy and select Policy Status the status shows all devices = failed.
-Probable Cause of Failure: The policy CES-SMELAB(3) could not be applied successfully.

The log files shows [Failed to add iprint printer ipp://iprint.mydomain.com/ipp/CES-RM006.][] [null] -this would be for each printer. Yet the printer is listed on the workstation.

This is primarily on Windows 7 Pro systems and Windows XP as well as a few test Win8pro (7 & 8 have some x64 but mostely x86)

My iPrint server is converted over the summer to the Appliance and I have been able to install printers manually from its website. It also shows the printers deployed (I watch the test system deploy each printer) using the policy yet it still shows the policy as failed.

Any idea on why this is occurring and what I need to change?

Also is it better to assign this type of policy to Devices or Users? I have groups for each.