I have been playing around with a few of my bundles that I would like to get the following function out of and am not sure what to do. In my example I am going to use Novell Messenger install as the bundle deployment.

Desired features:
1. Allow end user to click on the bundle to install Novell Messenger - Detect it isn't installed and deploy as requested.
2. Check to see if the software is installed and ensure it is running the latest version I have published. (useful when I went from to
3. Allow verify of the bundle as needed - It would be nice to have the bundle verify that the install was successful and if not take action. (ie if the bundle errored maybe clear cache and attempt the install again)

What I am unsure of in this case is whether I should be deploying multiple bundles to get this working or if I can do this with multiple actions instead.
Should I place the Requirements against each of the actions instead of the main bundle requirements tab?

What is the best way to have a bundle verify to check for the successful install of such apps? Do I need to start figuring out the errors pushed out and wait for error = 0 showing a successful install?

Thanks for the assistance.