Well, this is the first time in my Linux history of purchasing a distro
for personal use/development. I have been a long-time user and
supporter of SUSE (back when it was a small, German-based distrobution
named S.u.S.E.). Although I have tried many different versions
throughout the years, I keep coming back to SUSE; specifically,
openSUSE. I have both my wife and daughter on openSUSE, as well as this
laptop; however, I just purchased the hardware to build a development
workstation and decided to put my money where my mouth is and support
Novell and their Linux endeavor: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

My parts should arrive tomorrow and then I'll put SLED on it and
configure it the way I like it. I'm hoping it goes smoothly, so I can
then install it on my laptop, my wife's system and then my daughter's
system, as well. If all of that goes well (after another three license
purchases), then my wife, who is a GM for a company, is thinking about
putting SLED on 3 - 10 desktops and SLES on one server.

Thank you SUSE & Novell teams.

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