ProTools application requires me to set local security policy for the local protools user on each workstation. With ZCM 10.3.4, I was able to do so with a policy bundle specific to each workstation, which added the local protools user to each of these security items:

Deny log on as a service
Deny log on locally
Deny log on throught Remote Desktop Services
Increase scheduling priority
Lock pages in memory
log on as a batch job
manage auditing and security log

With ZCM 11.2.3a, I am able to set these items on the local workstation, and if I check the actual policy file being uploaded to the ZCM server, all 7 items have the local user included. However, if I apply the upload, I keep only 3 of the settings (deny log on as a service, deny log on through Remote Desktop Services, lock pages in memory).

The other 4, even though showing in the upload, do not seem to be applied after upload and publish. I can set them locally and ProTools will run. But they don't get stored in the ZCM policy after upload, so are not applied with policy at student login.

I don't know where to look on the server to track this further. I'm willing (for these 9 workstations) to manually edit the policy on the server if that is possible, and will allow me to push down the policy I need. I do need to get these workstations moved over to ZCM 11.2.3a, and cannot do it without this policy working so the primary application works.

Thanks for any insight!