We have Windows 7 setup and are running iPrint with the HP Universal Print Drivers. We have 20 HP4025 color printers deployed at 6 sites that are all Windows 7 computers running Office 2003 that we rolled-out this summer.

If a person prints a document that has a color photo in it and colored text, only the text comes out with color. The picture is black and white.

If we print the same file from Google Drive it prints correctly. We can also turn the document into a PDF file and it prints correctly.

I have setup a HP 4025 as a local install and a local install through iPrint and it works fine.

Has anyone experienced this problem using an iPrint install with a color UPD version of a printer and word documents? Is there a solution? I want to retain the benefits of using iPrint versions of the printer and not just use local installs.

The only thing I see remotely related to this is an Excel posting that doesn't help at all. https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7005347