Hi All,

I believe this has been answered but I don't quite get it. The issue is as follows:

I am creating a build for Windows 7 and at the end I have a script to install the Novell Client 2 SP3. As the customer does not have a Windows AD domain (only eDir) and no ZENworks either, I would like to create a local generic account that everyone will use to log into the local workstation.

Generic account: autologin

When the user logs in with their edirectory account and password, I would like the local autologin account to be the default windows account and to log in without having to put in the password.

I can see in the Novell Client manual about control userpasswords2 etc. but this is a manual method and if I set this Windows automatically logs in without asking for the eDirectory credentials.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance