We are starting the migration from NetWare 6.5 sp8 to OES11 sp1 and I have run into an error with the migration tool. I am doing a consolidation migration, both servers are in the same tree. In the File Services configuration there is an option for "Home Directory" that can be set to a path on the source server. The documentation is not clear on exactly how this option is used, but I figure it has to do with changing the User Object "homedirectory" attribute to the new destination server/volume/path. The problem is that during the exectution of the migration the utility "migtrustees" fails with a fatal error of "LDAPAuthError, Invalid credentials, NDS error -669".

This error (bad username/password) seems to be a bit of a red herring since I am authenticated to both source and target servers with the account for which I am attempting to test the migration.

Have I misunderstood the function of the "Home Directory" option?
If not, what might the real problem be?