I have two oes11 sp1 servers virtualized on a xen sles 11 sp 2 server. The host has a raid 5 from which an nss volume is created from. Both servers see the same volume in the same path in their directory structure. Yet, the two servers do not see the same directories on the volume. I know this is not good but am hoping that someone can give me some pointers if my plan is not the best.

More specifics:

Server 1
Examine the /dev/disk/by-path I see the xvdb which is the nss volume. That is fine. When I examine the output from df -h command it shows up as expected.

Server 2
Examine the /dev/disk/by-path I see the xvdb which is not shown in the output from df -h. I also see the xvdd in both the /dev/disk/by-path as is expected. Yet the xvdb is a path that can be drilled down into from the terminal or the gui.

The bad part is this xvdb has the directory for groupwise gwia. My plan tonight is to stop gw and to copy it from the xvdb seen by server 2 to the xvdd on server 2. Change the path in C1 for gwia, start it back up, that should take care of that, but....

How do I detach (is that the right syntax) the nss vol xvdb from server2?

Also, isn't it odd that the two servers see different directory structures on the same storage device?