I have a new OES11SP1 cluster serving storage volumes from an external fibre channel device. The cluster itself is functioning correctly but I am struggling to get a backup working (with Syncsort Backup Express). A Syncsort engineer identified that the cluster is not advertising the clustered resources as it should. If I run:

# tsatest --cluster -s STORAGE-VOL1-SERVER -v VOL1: -u root --err output.log

I get this error message:

Failed to get name space type information: fffdffc5

The same error occurs on VOL2 and VOL3 from the cluster. However I can access the volumes via the individual cluster nodes in Backup Express so if necessary I'll have to backup that way.

As suggested by ashmoore when I posted in the wrong group I tried slptool and the results include:


The IP numbers listed are correct. The cluster nodes have been rebooted a few times in the last week so smdrd has been restarted many times.