Hello everybody,

currently we are using a Vibe 3.3 on a SLES11 machine which was doing quite well, till a few days ago as one of the users married and the name had to be changed. After the name change in eDir, Vibe imported the new name via the scheduled LDAP sync and everything seemed to be ok.
But now after working a few days with Vibe it showed that there is a problem with the WebDAV connection in Vibe. The user gets a Tomcat error reporting: Internal Server Error: Service org.apache.slide.simple.store.WebdavStoreMacroAdap ter@201532fc access error: No User with <New Username of the User> found.

If I take a look at the user in his Vibe workspace I see his name like this: "Surename NewLastname (user-ID)" and the user-ID still has the old value.

Now the question ist, do I experience a bug which might be fixed with the 3.4 version of Vibe? Has anyone else experienced this problem after renaming a user in eDir?

Any info, hint or solution would be great