Okay, we're currently using a Class B, and have been mandated, that we need to switch to 10.x addressing for the workstations (so far, servers aren't needing to be changed).

Currently in ZCM, I have our config location/network environments set to use the default gateway (we're heavily VLANd)

Example: is the VLAN, and it has a default gateway of say: is another VLAN and it has a default gateway of say:

Anyway, we're going to be phasing/switching to 10.net addresses (the private section)

The issue:

While I could simply add another gateway into the network configuration list (ie: 10.56.x.1)

for "known" locations

It's possible our laptop users may go somewhere and have a private IP of 10.something with the same default gateway, in which case, ZCM will think they're 'known' when they should really be on the UNKNOWN location.

I was thinking of possibly adding (into the network location) the DNS suffix (assuming that Windows properly changes the DNS suffix when you are not on our network).

IF that works, do I check the box for "match required" (ie: you need to be a default gateway of BLAH AND DNS suffix of BLAH BLAH to be "on network")?

Or just get rid of the gateways and rely solely upon the DNS suffix part?