We are in the final stage of getting approval from the management to implement Filr and we are now busy with setting up a tight security on it. Before this we had added the OU Users and Filr was able to import all users in that OU.

Now we want to use a single group where people can be made member of. But Filr can't import from a group (or so it seems in our situation).

The group Filr was made in our Groepen\Algemeen OU: CN=Filr,OU=Algemeen,OU=Groepen,DC=contoso,DC=nl
But when i add CN=Filr,OU=Algemeen,OU=Groepen,DC=everest,DC=nl to the Base DN it does not import the users that are member of the Filr group.

I dug around in the documentation but could not find the answers i need. Can Filr import users from a AD Group or does it always have to be a OU?

While we are waiting for an answer we are going to add the Filr group into a Filr OU and have Filr import from OU=Filr,DC=contoso,DC=nl (hopefully that works)