our OES11SP1 two-server-cluster (fully patched) shows a very high "load
average" (>50, up to 110) in top in some circumstances. There are no
problems in normal operation, but administrator actions like shutdown or
cluster migrate might trigger the problem.

For example when I enter 'halt', then there is the following line in

Sep 12 20:27:18 srv1 shutdown[14675]: shutting down for system halt

more than 20 minutes later:

Sep 12 20:51:19 srv1 init: Switching to runlevel: 0

Within thes 20 minutes nothing happens, but "average load" goes up to at
least 50, with ndsd at top. Access to storage related tools and commands is
not possible, for example 'nss /pool' hangs without any output.

This happens on nearly every shutdown, but from time to time it doesn't. The
same will sometimes be triggered by a cluster migrate.

This only happens with our OES11SP1 cluster, it does not happen with OES11
and OES2SP3; the only other difference I'm aware of: Novell CIFS is only
running on the OES11SP1 cluster.

Any ideas?