Hello All,

I'm running OES Netware v6.8. I have three servers connected to the network - one of these servers is also connected to the Internet to provide outside access. Another server is supposed to be providing my internal DNS (using NAMED.nlm).

Our school's website is hosted through Network Solutions (for about a month now, before that it was hosted internally using Apache on the Internet connected server). WebAccess is hosted internally on the same server doing DNS. The DHCP server gives out 3 DNS addresses, the first is my internal DNS server, the other 2 are the public DNS servers provided to me by Cablevision (my ISP).

When my desktops (all Windows XP) connect to the Internet they do so through Webroot's Desktop Web Proxy (DWP) and they connect to any site just fine. However, I have other devices (iPad's & Mac's) that connect to the Internet without using the Webroot DWP and they cannot connect to our website. They can connect to any other website, and they can connect to my Internal Web Access just fine. If I use the backdoor address to my website (that Network Solutions provided to me) I can access the page just fine. But any time any of these devices try to access my site through its domain name it fails.

My initial guess is that there is something left over in the system from when the site was hosted internally, but I've looked everywhere (that I know of) and cannot find the problem. (Its worth noting that the original internal web server is still up and running and if I go to the internal IP address of the old web server, and old version of my website comes up, just like it used to - this would lead me to believe that the problem isn't that they website address is still resolving to the old IP address).

In order to access the website, the address is Setupcasino.com - in order to access Novell Web Access, the address is webaccess.mydomainname.org - could the problem stem from the fact that they have the same domain name... in which case I dunno what to do...

I hope this makes sense and you can help - if there are any questions, feel free to ask.