Hi everyone,

We have 4 primary servers of Zen at version 11.2.1, linked to a SQL 2008. Since 3 years, we have built a lot of the infrastructure on the servers like Organizationnal unit for Bundles and for workstations. We have a Ldap User Source, some policies and many many other configurations for differents things We have about 6000 workstations using zenworks. Because we have encounter many problems in the past months, we what to start from scratch. This installation have been upgraded since 10.x and we think there some hidden bugs that still stuck....

Is it possible to migrate all the data and configurations of this existing Zenworks Zone to a complete and fresh installation of zenworks at the most recent version? We want the same configs, 4 primary with a Sql database. Is there a accurate procedure to do this? and what is the recommandations?

thank you for your support!