During the install I added the wrong IP address.
That was quickly corrected with the vaconfig utility.

Then I tried to add a printer, no luck. It just said that the print manager was not loaded even though the mobile console claimed the service was running.
After several attempts I saw that the Print Manager just had the dns name and to it and I finally deleted it. That was stupid I know.
I created a new Print Manager with ip address instead of dns running on and now I could create a printer but it does not show up in the mobile console.

Anyway, I have succeedwed in messing it up bigtime.
Do I need to delete the appliace and deploy a new or is it possible to just run the initial config?
I am happy with everything being erased, that is no problem. My issue is that I don't really have access to the vmware environment so it would be easier for me to just run a config on the current mashine.