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    Question about migration

    Hi guys!

    I would like to ask you a few questions about a migration that I must perform. I have a few servers
    running nss services with ncp, that are running now sles10 with oes2 (sles10sp3 / oes2sp2). So we
    must upgrade these servers (there are four servers) to oes11 sp1. One of these servers is the master
    replica for my eDirectory tree on my organization.

    So, at this point I think that the best option is preparing new servers (fresh servers) with oes11 sp1
    and after that moving all nss volumes from the old servers to the new ones. I think this option is better
    than upgrade all steps from oes2 sles 10 to oes11 sles 11.

    My question is: is all as simple as prepare new servers, introduce these servers on my tree (now Im running
    eDirectory 8.8.5 on the main servers) and one day move the nss pools to the new servers? Also I will
    introduce two of these servers into the replica, and after finalize the process I will promote one server
    to be the master server of the eDirectory tree and remove the old ones. So,

    - Could I have any problem related to the certificates or something like this?
    - Could I mix oes2 servers and oes11 servers in the same eDirectory tree?

    I dont know if I am missing something, it looks simple.

    Thank you guys!!!
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