I want to follow Novell KB 7003865: Configuring and Optimizing User
Source/LDAP configurations.

My AD User Source has three "User Containers", that point to three AD
OUs. One of the three is the standard CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com, where
most of our users reside. The other two contain only a few special
users. The KB article states to add just the domain - the single
"high-level O".

However, the article also states:

Note: If multiple low level OUs are defined, it is possible in 11.1 and
later to collapse multiple low level OU definitions to a single higher
level O/OU, while retaining all associations.
The reverse, however, is not possible without deleting and recreating
the user source and losing the associations.

I'm not exactly sure if this Note is reassuring or a warning

Is there anyone out there who has been through this scenario, and did
your user associations survive?

Running 11.2.3a, no MU.

Phillip E. Thomas