since we upgraded to 2012.2 our install of GW on a Win2008r2 o/s has had performance issues -- Very high c/s handler thread count for extended periods of time. Very slow online user performance. Only have about 120 users total on the post office (all online). Has anyone else seen this problem on a Windows box after upgrading?

We moved it to a vm as a possible solution - 8 vcores, 8Gb RAM, running on its own host. The disk queue length average is consistently under 1, so the storage subsystem seems to be adequate, but we still see the same issues. The cpu doesn't go higher than 40%, RAM usage stays steady at a little of 4Gb. Already opened an SR with Novell but thought we could resolve this faster if other people have seen the same problem. (misery loves company)
Herbert Chun, CIO