Sometime between August and September my bundles quit paying attention to execution schedules. What I mean by this is that if I set a bundle to launch "now" or at 1:00 PM, the ZCC server shows that the event is supposed to take place but I am not seeing any activity on the workstation at launch time until I manually refresh the client or its natural refresh takes place after the scheduled launch time.

Scheduled bundles are executing WOL on schedule. I currently have a couple of bundles and patch updates that I have to manually initiate the refresh to cause them to launch (using the "now" option) or they just are not indicating that they are launching at their scheduled times. In some instances I am finding that a few of my systems are receiving the bundle payload but it is not being reflected in the Bundle's Status screen. (These were copy bundles that I can see the files were successfully copied).

Running ZCC 11.2.3a on Windows 7 Enterprise x64. I wouldn't be surprised if a previous month's Windows patch mucked something up considering the recent patch recalls, but was hoping that someone might have an idea if this is a wide spread issue or if I'm just the lucky one. Thanks!