Hi all,

I tried to do an upgrade from 1.0 to 1.0.1. No beta but normal versions.

I did like described in docu for large environment. The search-appliance
did upgrade perfect. By trying same with the MySQL-appliance there was
no step to upgrade. And in the php-myadmin I see a lot of errors
belonging to pam-db. The upgrade of the filr-app itsself hangs for
twenty seconds while loading the novell-gmond. Then it finishes.
After logging on the applicance via browser and clicking on the Novell
Filr Appliance Button there is a blank grey page. Even after running
over night nothing happens.
In the system configuration section clicking on time can't save or
cancel. System services shows nothing.

Any idea?

I reinstalled the appliance once more. Same behaviour.
Kind regards