Hi everybody.

We have deployed quite a few (900) windows 8 Professional 32 bit Acer Iconia tablets in our organization. The only way to currently image them is to use WDS. The tablets have no built in NIC so we purchased 50 Acer USB network dongles for imaging. We still use Zenworks ( on the tablet which is has the appropriate zac commands run prior to sysprep. However after the first batch of 50 has been imaged we have to reuse the 50 USB network dongles for the next batch. Our problem starts here and beyond.

The first batch registered with the zen server using the mac address of the USB network dongle. The next batch of 50 replaced most of the previous 50 in ZEN. Some of the machines did not get replaced. We did not realize there was an issue until we were several hundred machines into the imaging project. We ended up with a huge mess of machines in ZEN. In the end we had to manually re-register almost every device to clean up the mess.

WDS automatically reboots the tablet after imaging. Our current workaround is to have someone watch the WDS imaging process and yank out the USB NIC when imaging is complete prior to reboot.

Is there anyway to force the ZEN agent to register using the MAC address of the wireless NIC exclusively? Is there any other way around this issue?