I need to upgrade GW from 7 to 2012.

Also, GW7 in on a flavor of Suse 9. It was a Novell Open Workgroup Suite (or NOWS)

The GW2012 is to be on a SLES 11 server.

I did this for another client about 2 years ago. Went to SLES 10 then. I bought the Caledonia Upgrade Guide for GW 2012 and have copious notes in it...

Only have 2 clients using GW, so i don't get to work in it much. They never go down. So i'm rusty with eDir and GW.

I have tried many different things and keep hitting the wall!

Upgrading C1 on the GW7 box has lots of problems with dependencies so i can't run the upgrade from the server.

When i try and connect to the GW7 server from a workstation I was getting some error i don't remember.

What should my upgrade path be? It's a single PO on a Single server. very small setup.

Should i upgrade edir and gw on the sles 9 box then move it to sles 11 box?

should i join the sles 11 to the sles 9 edir and migrate it that way? wouldn't i need to extend the schema first...

Does anyone want to make some money doing this for me???