Hi All;

There's a few threads about adding extra DHCP options and some seem to work and some do not. Is there a definitive answer as to what can be done? I am asking in that I am trying to add DHCP option 189 to a DHCP scope and after adding/configuring it through the Java console, when I stop and start the rcdhcpd service, the service will not start and act very similarly as mentioned in TID 7005205. Option 189 is being set up to try and configure some Motorola AP650 access points to be managed by a controller outside the subnet. All that's in the field is an IP address so I don't think the service was misconfigured. I am asking the community if anyone had added option 189 to a DHCP pool and if it worked. There was an old thread about it, but it didn't have a resolution.

OES 2.0.3
SLES 10.3