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Thread: iPrint Apache logs issue

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    iPrint Apache logs issue

    We are currently having an issue where our iPrint Apache logs


    both grow at an enormous rate (by the end of a 24 hour period they are about 3.5GB each).
    I have attached excerpts from those logs to give you an idea of what they look like.

    in addition to this, our printing is VERY hit or miss. We are having issues installing printers from the iprint web interface (see attached jpgs), when people try to print, sometimes it prints, sometimes it fails.

    It appears that spoolsv.exe on our computers is constantly talking back to our iprint server, which doesn't seem right. I have attached a packet capture from wireshark to show what sort of traffic is going between the iprint server and a workstation.

    Here is the weird thing, this all started last week wednesday (2013-09-18). We found it was happening because our log files grew so large that we ran out of disk space on the server. iPrint was running fine up until then (since it was installed late last school year).

    One of our engineers thinks that something changed on all the workstations. We can rule out windows updates because they aren't currently being pushed out.
    I'm wondering if it is possible that something changed or was dorked up server side.

    I'm a little out of my depth here, and would appreciate greatly any help you can provide :)

    Thanks in advance,

    Taylor Hammerling
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