Silly question, but how do I copy or move files on an OES11 sp1 NSS volume (source and destination are on the same server) in such a way that all the metadata and data structure is preserved? In particular I want to preserve ownership, trustee's, timestamps, and namespaces. Thus I cannot use for example a Windows client since it does not understand the Mac namespace among other things. If the data were on NetWare NSS volumes (as both source and destination) then I would use SCMT. But of course SCMT does not work with OES11. I tried using the Miggui tool, but it does not work either - it does not support the source and destination being on the same server.

My use case is that I want to move a user's homedirectory to a new volume (on either the same or a different server) and then create a junction from the original location to the new thus eliminating the two hassles of updating the user object homedirectory attribute in eDir and/or revising the shortcut/alias on their desktop (typically an OSX client).