Hi all,

I am having a little trouble with ZENworks imaging 11.2.3a. I have a lab with clients that have 2 nic cards each. When imaging and PXE booting i seem to have the following problem:

Get's past loading drivers and activating USB...
They all freeze at this stage for about 5 to 10mins.
Sending DHCP request to eth0....
Sending DHCP request to eth1....

I have tried to modify the settings.txt file as follows, but this hasn't worked:

netdevice = eth0

Basically is there something else I could try to fix this as I have now searched high and low for another solution but failed. It does eventually get past this screen and starts imaging but it seems to take forever! This is a new setup with Suse Linux Enterprise 11.2 and ZCM 11.2.

Your help is greatly appreciated.