HI All,

Ok this is gonna sound like I am lazy , but i am really pressed for time here ... i have only a few days left, to again try to let zcm live in NWPG, we are a 13000 users shop ... but for now, after so many attampts i am again trying to save ZCM, anmd for 2 years i was not part of ZCM ....

I have this issue of PC's losing comms' to the ZCM server .. i i know all kinds of factors plays a roll in this .... so this braght me to the following request... hopefolly somebody already done this ... if not maybe the ZCM teams at novell can do this?

I need bundles, which we can customize for our environments to push down to our PC's (windowsX, win7, win8 , 32/64) that will dot the following

An App to
Disable the windows firewall (we have trendmicro firewall running)
Disable the notification of this not running
Disable Windows updates ( i mean we are going to use ZPM correct)

An App to
Set Time ZONE
Set NTP Server

Or what else can hamper comms with the server .. after it did work fine for a while.

This cant be to hard for somebody eating sleeping and dreaming ZCM..... please Novell ....