Hi all..
been running ZCM 10 and deploying windows XP for years now, works fairly well. Finally got some volume licenses to support Windows 7 deployment and have a ZCM 11 box set up to do so. Upon doing some reading though.. has anyone deployed windows using WDS instead of Zenworks? I read about Dynamic Driver Provisioning, etc and it seems cool.. but not sure if thats something better handled with zenworks imaging.

How I'm used to imaging is I created an image of an older dell pc for windows XP.. then deploy the image to other pcs, while doing a script image to check for the model #.. I then deploy an add-on image containing the driver packs from dell to the C:, so that when the PC boots, it finds the drivers during sysprep and installs them properly. Not sure how much different windows 7 is, but just wondering if WDS would be better for the imaging process itself, while still using Zenworks to deploy applications, etc..

Thoughts? Appreciated!