I've got a problem with vibe working after a reboot but after a couple of hours I can't get the login page loaded anymore. Remote Manager continues to work. Restarting Tomcat doesn't fix it, nor does doing a /etc/init.d/teaming restart. I have to reboot the server to get Vibe back. I haven't found anything else that stops working on that server. I'm still able to access files on mapped drives and use remote manager, iManager and iMonitor.

I'm at a loss.

My setup is an OES 11 Server installed in an OU with another OES 11 server. The Vibe server is the secondary with the R/W replica. When I initially set these servers up Vibe worked fine and ran for weeks. The only change that's been made is I configured DNS/DHCP on the server with the Master replica. Both servers have each other referenced in their Hosts files and they both use the IP Address of the Master Server in the DNS entry for their network cards. I tried the secondary server configured with the DNS Servers of my ISP. The problem was exhibited with both configurations.

I can't see why configuring DNS on the other server in the OU would cause Vibe not to work, so I think it's coincidental.

Any Thoughts?