Hi there!

I would like to ask you guys the best plan for migrate a few servers that I have
in oes2 to oes11.

I have four servers in oes2sp2/sp3, these servers have a few NSS
volumes over NCS. Also I have my iPrint service on two machines,
also using NCS. I have one cluster between two machines and
other cluster between the other two machines. For exmaple,

machine1 and machine2, three NSS volumes (every NSS volume is a cluster
resource) and other resource in the same cluster for iPrint. Cluster: CL1

machine3 and machine4, one NSS volume (for other people in the company)
in other cluster. Cluster: CL2. In this cluster only have a NSS volume/resource.

Machine1/3 are physical, machine2/4 are virtual (vmware)

My CA is in other server that I will migrate after a while. So, It seems that there is
no problem with the certificate. Machine1 and machine3 are a replica for the eDir in
my organization.

My plan: I have deployed two virtual machines and one physical with oes11sp1 and sles11sp2.
I think that the best plan is migrate with migration tool iPrint first, like a cluster resource,
and NSS volumes, and after that, make a transfer ID (like a different project)

For machine1/3, move NSS volumes and after, make a transfer ID.

Is this correct? I dont know If I have to delete the current clusters (cl1 and cl2) and
create new ones, after that, create every resource as It was on the old ones.

thank you so much !