Hi There,

En few weeks ago I downloaded the latest installation CD from ZCM11SP2 and installed the server. The version that the server has is
I made all setting in Configuration - Infrastructure Management - System Update Setting to be sure that the server, and ZCM11 overall, is up to date.
I am anxiously waiting for version 11.2.4 because I have some Windows 8 tablets that need to be managed and imaged.
So every day I look at the system update, on the assumption that I can find the update to 11.2.4 there, and the only thing I see is "Sep 2013 PRU". I assumed that that is Correct because i downloaded the CD from zcm11sp2 in the end of august.
However this morning I saw that, in the Novell Patchfinder, there plenty updates for version Even worse I saw that there is a version 11.2.3 already.
I think I don't understand the way updates work in ZCM11 and I cannot find it in the documentation.

Can anybode tell me what is the best way to hold the server up to date? I think I mis a link .

Marcel de Jager