This is weird! I am not even sure if this is the correct place to post this
since it is so weird.
It may have nothing to do with OES but I am stuck/desperate. I thought I
would check here before going elsewhere since anywhere else I go will surely
blame OES and recommend a windows server..

This issue only occurs on our Wireless LAN. If you are plugged via cable
then I cannot reproduce this.

We have an SLES 11.2 with OES 11.1. We have a Cicso wireless lan. The end
user is using MS Office 2010

Situation: If a user logged on to eDir using a wireless connection and opens
a word docx file (ore several) they frequently get the docx opening as read
only.When the user gets this issue you can bet that then all word docx files
opened from the NSS volume will be read only.

I've turned off antivirus, and anything else (ie file caching etc)I can
think of. IF they plug into the cabled LAN then opening the exact same docs
are not read only. This is weird!

Now, for the really weird bit! If I rename the .docx files to just .doc
then the read only issue on the WLAN cannot be reproduced. ie the .doc opens
fine yet these are the same ones that were docx! AGHHH!

Has anyone seen this before? Since the WLAN connection is effectively slower
is there something I could/should tweak on the client?