I was trying to setup Filr with our Nexenta (Solaris based) Storage, however I have experienced many complications.

Basically, I have a volume assigned for Novell Filr which is around 3 TB big, LDAP integrated Filr application and
permission problems. I am logging into storage as user root that has all the permissions to do anything on it, but
the problem is that admin user can create, delete and change files on folders created and LDAP users cannot do it.

I have assigned all the permissions to the folders properly, although the folders inside the storage share has been created
by hand because Filr is unable to create any initial folders.

I am not sure what is wrong. Each time I want to create a folder or upload a file I receive an Unexpected error from filr.
There is no details.

Need some urgent help.

Argentra Pte Ltd