Had already set up a working (but test) SLES10 SP4 server with OES2 SP3 with the intention of test migrating Groupwise 8 on Netware 6.5 to Groupwise 12 on SLES/OES server. All seemed to work with eDirectory showing both the Netware server and Volume objects and the SLES server and volume (NSS) objects. Bought Danita's book and started the process.

First thing I noticed from Danita's paper was that Apache software was needed (for Web Access) together with Tomcat etc. Decided the best way to get all this stuff was to go back into Yast and tick the Web and LAMP server functionalty box under Primary Functions, leaving all the other options incl OES ticked as before.

In the middle of the OES instal phase where edirectory is configured and started (I had set it to use the existing tree into which the SLES server had previously been installed ) it said there was an object name conflict and suggested it removed something like ndscp. Sorry, I foolishly did not note exactly the name but it seemed to be doing what made sense. However, a few moments later it gave an error on bringing up edirectory because nds.conf 'already existed'. Tried all the options offered to resolve problem but no progress so I opted to skip this part whereupon the rest of the OES part seemed happy and it finished without errors. Have rebooted and tried again with same result re edirectory not starting. However ndsmanage/ndsconfig seem to suggest it is running.

Now when I look at the directory tree it shows the Netware server and its volumes but the SLES server object has disappeared leaving its NSS volume objects with 'unknown' icons. The partition on the SLES server seems to exist, as on the Netware server which is the Primary, albeit without the SLES server object.

Any ideas how to restore the server object safely and is there anything else I need to check is still in place? I do not want to go too far with the Groupwise bit if the server is duff.

Any comments on where I went wrong in the above seemingly simple process would also be much appreciated as I later need to follow similar steps on a live server!!