I am pretty coherent with oes2 SP2, I have many installes under my belt, and have 38 installs/server all connected into a unified tree...I am now doing my testing to go to OES11 SP1...and I am hacing some problems. My install goes fine, and I have OES11 SP1 running like a charm, with all required services. The problem occurs when I go to update it to the newest patches. The documentation says to use this meathod, which a religiously follow:

1. Make sure both OES11sp1 and SUSE11-SP2 are registered properly
2. zypper sl
3. zypper lr (make sure all update pools for oes11sp1 and suse2-sp2 are present)
3. zyper ref -s
4. zypper lu -r SLES11-SP2-Updates -r OES11-SP1-Updates
5. zypper up -t patch -r SLES11-SP2-Updates -r OES11-SP1-Updates
6. Repat Steps 4 and 5 until no patches exist

My problem comes when doing this, sure enough, it always chokes in two weird places:
- Zypper states that the iprint digest is NOT the correct or expected version
- It also chokes on: novell-xtier-base-3.1.10-11.52.1 install package..when it does finish it states that none of the users can be found....
(the xtier users)
which is pretty messed up, I can produce this on with every install...I get the SAME result everytime...

Any ideas...suggestions..This update meathoed is from the OES11sp1 installation guide....of this year (May 3, 2013)