On Netware we have a FTP/SFTP gateway that allows user's access to their
home folders on remote NSS volumes. FTP and FTPS work via ftpd.nlm
and SFTP works via SSHD.nlm.

We are trying to replicate this on OES 11 SP1 because the documentaion
says it can perform FTP/SFTP gate functions just like Netware now. I
have pure-ftpd running, and FTP access works perfect. A lum enabled
user can login and access their home folder on a remote nss volume
running on a different server just fine.

The problem is with SFTP. I am using openssh for sftp access just like
the documentation says, but when a lum enabled user logs in via SFTP,
they only see the local home folder on the machine running openssh, not
their actual home folder on a remote server. The OES11 sp1
documentation states that it can now perform FTP/SFTP gateway functions
just like in Netware, but I'm wondering if it really meant FTP/FTPS
gateway functions? It appears that pure-ftpd only supports FTP and
FTPS, not SFTP. I cannot find any documentation on how to get OES11
SP1 openssh to work like the openssh in Netware to allow users to access
their home folders on remote servers. Anyone have any insight?
FTPS is useless to us. We need SFTP to work.