I have six servers running on an XEN host server, four of the servers are able to maintain their time with little or no intervention on my part. However; two of them are consistently drifting out of time, currently this was not an overly concern since I have not been doing much eDirectory synchronization (the server has been very static) in the very near future, I'm planning on upgrading GW 8 to GW 2012, and transfer ID on older servers (OES2SP3) to OES11SP1 servers.

I have tried to crontab -e the following */1 * * * * root /etc/init.d/ntp restart
I do not receive any errors, however this does not help with keeping time in sync with the other eDirectory servers. The only command that has had any success with keeping the servers in sync is:
rcntp ntptimeset x.x.x.x (where that number equals my ntp time source a physical device that all other servers point too) However; I have to do this almost every minute to keep things in sync. Can someone provide examples for how I can set this up correctly within the crontab -e

Thank you