Hello Guys,

if got a problem with the confirmation email for a new external user. For example:

Id like to share a file with John Doe. John Doe gets the first mail "User xxx has invited you to access an item"

He click on the link, fill out the username and password form, but never receives the "confirmed" mail. On the GWIA i see the following error:

21:07:26 F3E3 MSG 253187 Processing inbound message: /media/nss/MAIL/xxxxxxxx/70e2f425.639
21:07:26 F3E3 MSG 253187 Sender: filr
21:07:26 F3E3 MSG 253187 Recipient: jdoe@xxx.com
21:07:26 F3E3 MSG 253187 Building message: s24f2e0e.070
21:07:26 F3E3 Recipient: jdoe@xxx.com
21:07:26 F3AF DMN: MSG 253187 Connected to [192.168.x.x] (192.168.x.x)
21:07:29 F3AF DMN: MSG 253187 Send Failure: 501 Address syntax error: <filr>
21:07:29 F3AF DMN: MSG 253187 SMTP session ended: [192.168.x.x] (192.168.x.x)
21:07:36 F483 MSG 253187 Analyzing result file: /media/nss/xxxx/wpgate/gwia/result/r24f2e0e.070
21:07:36 F483 MSG 253187 Detected error on SMTP command
21:07:36 F483 MSG 253187 Command: RCPT TO:<jdoe@xxx.com>
21:07:36 F483 MSG 253187 Response: 501 Address syntax error: <filr>
21:07:36 F483 Building undeliverable message

Has someone any suggestions for me?