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    User Folder List

    I have a user that, when they use the Find option under Tools, can find messages in his Mailbox under a folder that he accidentally moved, but doesn't know where that folder is now. He has asked me if there's a way of finding this folder in his Mailbox. I looked through documentation, the forums, etc., with no suscess. And, the Find will list specific find results and show the folder where the message is stored, it won't list the path, (example: folder.subfolder.msg), so he doesn't know where a folder is located. I told him, if he had his folders sorted alphabetically, then it would PROBABLY be the folder above or below where it WAS located. At this point I got a stare that suggested that he thought that I thought he wasn't too bright....I said I would find out...

    He has TONS of folders, so going through each folder it would take more time than it's worth to him since he can find specific messages (right now).

    So, my question is: Is there a way of listing a users Mailbox structure, showing all folders? (GW 2012, SP2)
    I'm thinking "no" since I haven't found anything addressing the ability to be able to run such a report/inquiry.


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