OES 11 SP1 on SLES 11 SP2. Maintenance at spring is added to server. iPrint Client 5.90 (I know, 5.92 is available) on Windows XP, W7. Users complain very often that printing system on Windows does not work, I mean, for example, some programs depending on printers hang on and printer properties does not appear as expected etc. When to restart printer spooler on device (I did special bundle for it via ZENworks) it seems to be ok again, at least for some time. Now, one user told that she did and for some time everything seems to work again, but then same problem appear again. I described here same problem some time ago and was suggested to load on server all patches etc, which I did, but problem did not disappear.
I recall, when we had a local area network with OES2 (on SLES 10) and also OES2 on Netware using iPrint ... we haven't such a problems. Then we moved out into larger network and started to use OES11 ... don't know this connected somehow.
I know, not much info, but ... any ideas, experiences?
I'm trying to setup iPrint Appliance, but there is LDAP issues right know. Anyway, this printing problem appear to drag entire computer into ... slowness, so, anyway, need to solve with present server, though.
More thanks, Alar.