Hi there. I would like to ask you a question related to ncp names and DNS names.

We have a cluster with two nodes, serving a NSS file system, which users use for access
their files in Windows, with Novell Client. For years, as I remember, people use a dns name
for access the resource IP of the NSS filesystem. No problems so far.

But, this weekend, we upgraded to oes11 sp1, and, in the process of migration, the
NCP virtual name for our NSS clustered filesystem is slightly different to the dns name.

For example:

- we have our dns name pointing to: FS1_cluster --> point to the resource IP address.

Also, we have the NCP virtual server name: FS1-CLUSTER (for example).

I ask you because these days we have found users that, suddleny, stops to connect
to the filesystem: but If I connect to the UNC path \\NCP-VIRTUAL-SERVER-NAME
it works again.

So, I dont know if its a newbie question, but, Its important to have the dns name
and the ncp virtual server name equal? Or I must delete the dns name and only mantain
the NCP virtual name?

I hope you could clarify me this question because I have a little mess with this!

Thank you!