We have an issue with programs running slowly on our SUSE Linux server 11.0. We set up a test machine with Windows 7 without Novell Client and the same programs run extremely fast. (They run fast on a Windows 2008 server too with or without the client.) This is great for the new test machine but I have about 20 workstations that need to have the Client removed. If we remove it through control panel (both NICI and Novell Client - whatever version is installed) the programs are still slow. However, if we do a restore to the time before the Novell client was installed, the machine is fast. Because these machines have had the Novell Client installed for months, we cannot go back to an old restore point. Is there some registry file or other file that needs to be removed or changed to make the computer like it was installed without the Novell Client? I really do not want to have to rebuild 20 computers in order to fix this. I have researched the web and forums and cannot find any information about anything else that needs to be changed when the Novell client is removed. FYI - this is the same on our few Windows XP machines with the appropriate last updated Client on them.

Any help would be welcome!