I have implemented several sites. With a particular one I have a problem: the webinterface works but I cannot login to with a mobile app from an iPad or Android device. When trying to log I receive the message 'invalid filr site'.

In the rest log I saw something about the release info. When I do a https://..../rest/release_info with a browser I get the following information:

<product_name>Novell Vibe</product_name>

Is is the product_name thats is not correct in this xml file. In all other sites that I know that lign shows "Novell Filr" instead of "Novell Vibe". I think that is why the app thinks this is not a Filr site. Can anyone tell me how to correct this, and can anyone tell me what went wrong here? Since this site is already in production I hope you can help me asap.

Thanks in advance,
Jan van der Meij.