Hi there

We are in the process of moving all of our servers from oes2 to oes11. Let say that I have
assumed this network from the old administrator, and Im not pretty sure about the SLP config
(also Im newbie about netware services, like SLP).

Few months ago we have a few netware servers and I think that SLP was installed on one
of these servers. But now, all netware servers are shutdown and we have only Sles and oes2/oes11
boxes. So I guess that, SLP is not running in our network, but its weird because only two computers
presented problems to login (classic error "Tree not found"). In our network it seems that we dont have
problems to login and use ncp services in the workstations. But, in a workstation, if i write slpinfo /A
I dont see anything except the DEFAULT scope. It think this is bad.

So, I dont know what happen, exactly. I would like to know how to recheck the slp status
in my network. I think that the oes11 boxes (we have four) and 2 oes2 boxes are using default
settings for SLP (use multicast for find slp DAs), so I think that I need a server to act
as DA and configure multicast on this server? So the rest of the oes11/oes2 boxes can register
their services on this DA. Right? I think that I dont have any DA in my server networks.

But, Im confused because if I write

slptool findsrvs service:service-agent

on any of my linux servers, I see a lot of servers like (for example)


So, what that means exactly?

Thank you so much